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Well, as we wave goodbye to another Grand Designs Live event, it’s fair to say it’s going to take a week or so to get over the buzz the show brought us!  We’ve attended this show over the last couple of years, but we could not have anticipated the unbelievable response we received.  Visitors flocked from all over the country to experience the innovative Panoramic Door, and they did not leave disappointed!  For us, this has been the most successful show to date, and we simply can’t wait to see what next year will bring!  We want to extend a huge thank you to all of you who took the time to stop by, and make it such a memorable event.  UK Managing Director, Kevin Harvey, explains:

We had a very busy week at Grand Designs and we really do appreciate you taking the time to come and see us at the show. We want to ensure you’ve got all the information you need to help you make a decision about our door system.  You should by now have had your quotation confirmed by one of our eager sales team, but if there’s any further information you need please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are ready and waiting for your call!

When you attend these mega-events, from a consumer point of view, it can be a little overwhelming.  Split into sections, our outstanding booth was bang in the centre of ‘door & window city’.  To a potential buyer, at first glance, folding door systems appear to all look ‘the same’; it’s not until you experience the system that you realise the additional benefits our system has to offer, in comparison to other products.  One of the most common comments we hear is ‘what makes your system better than a traditional bifold?’.  The extra features you get with the Panoramic Door is quite extraordinary, so if you have an upcoming building project, and you’re considering bifolds, check out this list of cool features you will not find with a traditional system.  The first thing to know, is that we are not a typical bifolding door; we’re proudly an alternative, and here’s why!

Traditional bifolds, or accordion doors are fixed in position, generally to a wall, and they take up a substantial amount of space; they tend to be bulky and infringe upon your living space.  The same came be said for the traditional sliding doors which consist of 2 large panels of glass, only allowing you to create two walkways.  The Panoramic Door is the only system on the market with single panels that move independently of each other. Now, what’s so special about that? Well, the freedom these panels give you allow you to configure each panel within seconds, to create various walkways to suit your particular needs. Let’s consider the benefits of this.  Each panel can be separated, leaving a small opening in between, this encourages the free-flow of natural air throughout your home, pets and kids can easily access the outdoors without the user having to get up and ‘open the door’. Not only this, these panels are so versatile you can choose to use one end of the system to protect family, food and drinks from the elements, whilst still creating these additional walkways.  They’re so easy to operate, beautifully designed,  just without the constraints of traditional patio doors.

What Else Makes us Different?

If you currently have, or you’ve seen regular bifold doors, you’ll notice that not only are they bulky in size, but they tend to have large, visible bolts and hardware; not so easy on the eye.  The great thing about the Panoramic Door is that all of our hardware is hidden and built within the system and the panels themselves, giving you a sleek, modern, non-fussy finish.  Unlike bifolds, the Panoramic Doors slim line design, allows the user to have furniture stacked close to the glass panels on either side of the system; this is something that isn’t possible with regular patio doors.  Bifolds and accordion style doors take up a substantial amount of space due to the hinged-design of the system. The difference in terms of design, technology, innovation and the sleek finish, we offer compared to bulkier systems is a no brainer.  The only visible hardware you will see is your entry door handle! Cool, right?  This is something that our users, love!  Our slide-n-pivot technology gives you full control over the door, not the other way around.  With over 200 RAL powder coat colours, hardware options, luxurious wood finishes and add on’s, such as our newly released integral blinds, range, you’re sure to find a system that suit your design ideas and budget.  We offer a fully customisable system; you want it? We can make it happen! We also take your security very seriously;The swing door panel(s) come equipped with a deadbolt and two or more hooks that lock into the neighboring panel to ensure security. Panels cannot be lifted out of the track and the interlocking grooves between the panels means you can relax knowing you are secure with the Panoramic Door.

Our systems are proudly manufactured in the UK and our in-house install and service team will be sure to give you peace of mind, making your experience a pleasant one from start to finish.

Thanks again for making Grand Designs Live, 2017 such a special show for us, we hope you all enjoyed yourself and left bursting with inspiration… We sure did!

Team PDUK.