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The Panoramic Door is a 365 Day-a-year door. Experience it.  Enjoy it. Love it!

What Makes Panoramic Doors So Unique?

The Panoramic Door is unlike any other folding door on the market. We have completely re-imagined how a folding door should operate. By putting the weight of the panels on the bottom track we are able to reduce the amount of hardware needed while creating a door that is easier to operate and more useful.

Key Features

Magnaline Hardware™

Our patented Magnaline™ Hardware uses perminant magnetic attraction to hold the sliding panel off the wheels to allow it to swing open. This unique design is the sectret to the way the Panoramic Door operates.

Tongue & Groove
Interlocking Panels

A second patented feature of the Panoramic Door system is the tongue-and-grove interlocking panels. The tongue-and-grove gives our door its superior weather rating. 

Independent Moving Panels

By removing the hinges we were able to design a more versatile door system that is both easier to operate and safer to use.

Hidden Hardware

It was important to us that our doors be modern in both design and look. By hiding all the locks and hinges inside the panels and frame we are able to offer a clean and elegant door system.

Main Swing Door
on Every System

Every Panoramic Door comes with a master swing door at one end. This serves as the main access in and out. As most of the time you will be using your door with the rest of the panels in the secured position having a main swing door is both convenient and practical.

Bottom Track
Supported Panels

Unlike the traditional bi-fold door that hangs from the header, the Panoramic Door panels are supported on wheels that roll on the bottom track. This means the doors are easier to maintain and require less maintenance.

Sill Options

Choose from a variety of sill according to your weather and design needs. 

Thermally Stable eeCore™

eeCore™ is the next generation of thermal technology. By utilizing a combination of aluminium and PVC we are able to build a door that is both thermally efficient, and is stable in all weather conditions.

Different by Design

Explore the many unique features of the Panoramic Slide-n-Pivot folding patio door. 


Magnaline Hardware

Utilizing the patented and proprietary Magnaline™ Hardware allows for our slide and pivot folding feature.


Tongue and Groove Interlock

Our patented tongue and groove interlace insures a secure tight seal between every panel.


Independent Moving Panels

Each panel is independent of the other and slide like traditional sliding door panels.


Hidden Hardware and Locks

By incorporating the operation hardware inside the panels we do not need the surface mounted hinges, pull handles, and shoot bolts common to bi-fold doors.


Active Main Door

Every Panoramic Folding Door has a main door for easy entry and exit.


Bottom Track Operation

Unlike the traditional bi-fold, the Panoramic Door glides on wheels just like a sliding door panel. This simple hardware solution reduces the need for constant adjustments required by panel-to-panel hinged bi-fold doors.


Multiple Sill Options

Choose from a variety of sills to suit your design style and/or construction needs.

Freedom to Move

Our unique hinge-less design gives you more options. Move each panel individually and position it to best suite your needs at the moment. Control airflow and traffic flow.

Secure System Design


You can feel good knowing  you and those you love are protected from unwelcome visitors. Panormaic Doors are built for uptimal security and have passed the most regorous forced entry tests.

eeCore™ Energy Efficient Doors

The all new eeCore™ energy efficient door by Panoramic Doors combines our unique design with “Home Comfort” materials to ensure your house or business is protected year round from the cold and heat outside. With eeCore™ technology, your home will not only look great, it will feel great too! 

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Choose from four standard colour options: Black, White, Anthracite Grey, and Anthracite Grey Textured.



Anthracite Grey


Anthracite Grey Textured

200+ RAL Colours Premium Colous

What ever your colour needs, we’ve got you covered. Choose from a selection of standard colours and over 200 RAL colours. If you need a special colour that is not in our palet we are happy to have our colour experts create your perfect custom colour.

Luxurious Wood Interior Options

Choose either white oak or mahogany wood interior finish for a more warm and luxurious feel.

Hardware Options

Sill Options