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Built Secure

All Panoramic Products are designed to meet PAS24 standards so that you can rest in the comfort of knowing your family is safe at home.

Multi-Point Locking Mechanisms

All of our folding doors come with mutli-point locks. This lock creates a more secure closing of the door to prevent unwanted entry.

Unbeaten in every test, literally

As well as being approved by the Police and achieving the highest Kitemark star rating Ultion is tested by locksmiths with the Master Locksmith Association and is accredited with their highest standard. Sold Secure Diamond.

*Optional Lock Upgrade


The smarter way to protect your home.

Yale’s Smart Door Locks give you the freedom to secure your home without the need to carry keys. Open your door in a variety of ways, including via PIN code, remote fob, or even your smartphone with Conexis, or with other Smart Door Locks when connected to a smart home system.

*Optional Lock Upgrade

Unlock your door using your smartphone. You can even send a digital key remotely.

Say Goodbye to Keys

With Conexis L1, your smartphone is now your key. There’s no need to leave keys under the mat or worry about the hassle of replacing them if they go missing.

Stay in Control

Send mobile keys to family and friends. Choose to give access for a few weeks or hours – It’s up to you. You can even revoke mobile keys, key cards, key tags and phone tags in an instant. (5 Mobile Keys are included – Additional Mobile Keys can be purchased via the App).

Know who comes and goes

Have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are home safely. When using mobile keys, you can receive a notification informing you they are home.