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We Can Take the Heat

Thermally efficient doors without thermal bowing!

What is Thermal Bowing?

Thermal bowing is a condition that can occur on exterior metal doors when the temperature is vastly different on one side, compared to the other. Thermal bowing will generally happen when one side of the door system as warmed by direct sunlight. It can also occur in reverse if the internal temperature is high and the external temperature is low.

When there is a significant temperature difference, the exposed surface of the door can expand on the heated side, causing the door to bow outwards. When the temperature has reduced and is no longer at an extreme difference, the bowed door will usually return to its normal form. However, during the time the door is bowed, it may not operate properly.

No Direct Sunlight =
No Thermal Bowing

In this illustration the temperature on both the outside and inside are moderate. Because of this the outside surface and the inside surface of the door panels are of similar temperature. Result: No thermal bowing.

Direct Sunlight =
Thermal Bowing

In this illustration, the temperature on the outside is much higher than the inside due to direct sunlight. Because of this, the outside surface has expanded while the interior has not. Result: Thermal bowing.

eeCore™ Technology

eeCore™ was explicitly developed to deal with the issues of thermal bowing. With door sold all over the world, we have had to deal with climates of all types: moderate, desert, blizzards, ice, and snow.

eeCore™ has proven to be our best design yet. Not only does it provide a more stable construction for all climates, it also offers superior thermal protection.

The eeCore™ design using an aluminium re-inforced PVC core as its thermal barrier. On either side will either be aluminium on the exterior and interior or possibly wood on the interior. The aluminium on the exterior can expand and contract with temperature changes without affecting the core. This allows the door panels to stay straight under all temperature conditions.