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The Evolution of the Panoramic Door

Beginning in 2009 when he moved to America from England, Alan Rees continued his passion for designing and developing products that uniquely answer the needs of the customer. The Panoramic Door is such a product.

Unlike traditional bi-fold doors, the Panoramic Door offers more usability, requires less floor space to operate, and has a clean, modern appearance free of exposed hinges and, shoot bolts, and pull handles.


The Idea for the Panoramic Door is Born

Glass Build, Los Vegas, NV.  In 2009, Alan Rees (the creator of the Panoramic Doors) was walking show looking at folding doors when he first had the idea of creating a door system with independent panels is a dual glazed design. While there was a single glazed slide and swing system in operation, it was cumbersome, not user-friendly, no weatherproofing, little or no security, and poor U-values.

Alan’s idea was to develop a folding door with the following parameters:

  • completely hide the hardware
  • clean sight lines
  • secure
  • easy to use
  • More versatile — the panels would have to remain independent of each other.
  • There would also be a need to make the door both with aluminium and wood.
  • Also, the door needed to be bottom track supported, not top hung.


One Year into R&D Sees the Creation of Magnaline™

The development of the Magnaline™ Hardware was groundbreaking. With it, Alan Rees was finally able to create a fully functional system consisting of independent operating panels that rolled on wheels instead of being suspended from the top track. This new system did not require the bulky hinges found on bi-fold patio doors. Yet, with Magnaline™, the panels would be able to pivot open much like traditional bi-folds.

April 22, 2010

First YouTube Video of the Panoramic Door in Action

Through the years, the Panoramic Door has seen many different design concepts and improvements. Here is one of the first concepts; panels that swing both in and out. However, to improve weatherability, this feature was soon abandoned. Still, it is an excellent glimpse into the history of the Panoramic Door.  This video now has over 174,000 views from around the world.


The PVC Door Gets Its Own Proprietary Design

The PVC Panoramic Door is Developed

Panoramic’s PVC door has come a long way since its debut to the world. The first PVC Panoramic Door was built using sliding door profiles and off the shelf wheels and mechanisms.
This system proved that a PVC folding door was feasible  Later designs for the PVC door would bring it in line with the aluminium door in look and quality of design. 


Panoramic Doors Comes to England

In 2012, Alan Rees, the creator of the Panoramic Door system and Magnaline™ Systems, teamed with New Wave Doors to bring the Panoramic Door system to England.


Panoramic Doors Severs Its Partnership with New Wave Doors

Alan Rees makes a strategic business decision to sever ties with New Wave Doors and continue innovating the Panoramic Door in a separate company. Thus was born Panoramic Doors UK.


The All New PVC Door is Developed in America

It was finally time to design the PVC version of the Panoramic Door from scratch. Up until now, an off-the-shelf profile had been used. The new profile would be designed specifically for the Panoramic Door System.


The eeCore™ Panoramic Door Profile is Developed in the UK

Thermal bowing affects all thermally broken doors and windows. This phenomenon can have many adverse effects on the operation of your door. With the development of eeCore™, Panoramic Doors can offer the strength and beauty of aluminium while providing stability and thermal efficiency of PVC.